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Lamp Repair Services

Frayed cords. Loose sockets. Broken on/off switches. At Nashville Lamp & Shade, our lamp repair service can ensure your old or pre-loved lamps are safe and sound to shine bright.

Cosmetic Upgrades

Today, updating a favorite lamp can go beyond replacing the lamp shade.  Sockets now come in a wider range of finishes, including antique brass, antique bronze, bright gilt and nickel plated brass. You also can customize the mechanism for turning on the lamp and controlling light output. Some options include  turn knobs, push-through switches, pull chains,  flay keys and in-line switches with output control via 3-way and dimmer switches.

Free Estimates

Drop off  your lamp or lamps today for a free repair quote. Our lamp repair technician will assess the job and parts requirements. Then, we'll contact you with a quote before any work is done. Depending on parts availability, most repairs can be made within one to two weeks.